Let's do a TOP 5, shall we?


#5 - Winter. Seriously, these "Dogs Days" (<- WORDs of the WEEK) of summer are for the dogs. And you know how I feel about dogs.

#4 - Ice Hockey and SEC Football. Okay, technically that's two, but I love them equally.

#3 - The holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Especially Christmas. Since I slacked off so badly last year with the release of my first novel, this year I'm going all out--on or before November 1st. Yes!

#2 - School to start. Its a matter of days now. This summer has been so busy and even with the agreeable weather, we need schedules, more sleep, lunch at noon, and structure.

#1 - THE PROMISE. I can't wait to open the first box of books, smell the fresh ink, rub the smooth pages, and hug the first copy I grab like a newborn. I made so many changes to this book. I'm very proud of it. And I love the changes made to Creed and Brynn's relationship. Its much better/juicier than the manuscript I initially sent to my editor. Now we're just cleaning up the copy edit, and we'll be ready to print and ship it!