I used to have a personal blog (2006 through 2010). Occasionally, some of my posts were well-written, provocative, and almost witty (<- WORD of the WEEK). And since I'm swamped right now, I thought I'd pull a post from my obsolete blog to share with you.

"Friday, August 22, 2008

James who?

my close friends and family know that i haven't read any of the four books from the Twilight series. BUT i will be going to the movie because of him:

his name in real life is Cam Gigandet. he's going to be in a ton of films in the next few years, so i am sure we'll start hearing his name more often. in the Twilight movie, he plays some guy named James. who is James?"

Update: I still have NOT read any of the Twilight books, but not because I haven't wanted to--I can't read other books while I'm writing, and I've got too many other books in my personal queue to read during my downtime before Twilight. Maybe someday I'll get around to reading them and when I do, I'll let you know what I think about James.