I am so pleased with the final copy of THE PROMISE.

Thank you, Heidi!



So close ... we're so close to announcing the release date of THE PROMISE. We're waiting to hear back on one last materials issue, and the minute we get the all's good, I'll release the date. Since I've/we've had to wait a bit longer than anticipated, I've talked my publisher and my publicist into some fun stuff that we'll announce with the date, you know--contests, giveaways--fun stuff like that.

Until then, I'd like to share one of my favorite musician's singing one of my favorite songs. Some dear people in my life are dealing with quite a bit right now, and this song has been on my mind the past couple of days. I can't get the words out of my head. The lyrics are poignant and so fitting, today and everyday. Enjoy.

You'll feel better right away
Don't take much to do
Sell you pride
They say in every life
They say the rain must fall
Just like pouring rain
Make it rain
Make it rain
Love, love, love is sunshine.
Oh yes
Make it rain
Love, love, love is sunshine
Yeah, all right
Everybody, everybody
Shower the people you love with love.


Things are looking up.

And can I say, finally?
~ Physically, I think I might actually be getting better ... for real this time. Please, keep your fingers crossed for my immune system.

~ I finished the second book of my latest series, STEPPING STONES.

It's a very good series, different, romantic ... and almost TOO realistic. Fingers crossed that the third book is as fun to write as the first two were.

~ My publisher says they should have on OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE for THE PROMISE by Friday. This Friday! Fingers crossed again, with fervor please. They will be offering a pre-order as well. I'll let you know when all this takes place.

Until then, happy reading.