Nobody's home.

Where have I been?

I am 56,487 words into my new fantasy series, the Arc.

I'll see you soon, say in a couple of months or so.



PPWC - part 2.

Finally, I have found five minutes to add to my Pikes Peak Writer's Conference review. I've been so busy synopsizing, I almost forgot to mention some of the fantastic people I met in Colorado a few weeks ago.
First, there's Julie S. Julie was one of the first people I talked to at the conference and we ended up spending a great deal of time at the conference together. She's got this really good story about vampires and werewolves, but it's like nothing I've heard before. She did a great job in our R&C and I can't wait to read her story someday.
Then I met Debbie A. I sat next to her during one of our noisy dinners, and I found her life story to be inspiring. She homeschools her four kids of all ages and still finds time to write. Debbie was so nice and I am glad I got to talk to her.
I met another awesome writer during dinner, Wendy P. She lives in southern California, has a great job and taught me how to "Café write". Where I am from, we don't have a lot of Cafés so I was reluctant to whip out my laptop in the Colorado Springs airport to attempt to concentrate on an hour of work. But Wendy told me that it's a great way to be social and to change the scenery up. After synopsizing right there in the airport, I have to agree with Wendy. "Café writing" is fun.
I met Diane (wished I could have gotten to know her better), Emily, Karen, Sheila, Donna and Doug. During a meal with Ginger Clark (Curtis Brown Agency), I was mistakenly and unpleasantly identified as a lady I think I talked to but can't remember her name. Turns out, it was a very good thing I wasn't her.
And lastly, I packed my camera around the entire weekend and took one pathetic photo ...

Yup, that's my bed in my hotel suite. So not glad I have a photo record of where I slept but didn't take a single picture of the awesome people I met ... not glad! Next year, I will be sure to take lots of photos ... along with more legible notes.

Until next year.