Let's have some fun.

Some of my favorite things to watch online and read are "TOP 10" lists. And since I'm sad that Christmas is over, I need to create a little fun for myself. So I'm going to start posting my very own "Top 5" lists of random funness.


#5 - Tympanoplasty. Say that one ten times real fast ...

#4 - Prisons in Denmark. Seriously, I've looked this up.

#3 - Shrapnel, not "scrap metal" like I've called it my entire life.

#2 - Tolkien's Orcs. Go ahead my son, call me a nerd.

and #1 - Mellaril, which side effects include akathisia, impotence and anorgasmia <- Not fun.

Of course all of these things have to do with the current book I am writing, SECOND SIGHT, all except for #2. I researched that one simply for my own enjoyment and because I'm a huge Tolkien fan.

I tease my husband that my computer is being watched because of some of the things I've looked up. Actually, I wouldn't be shocked in the least bit if it was.



My first e-mail from a random fan.

"I loved your book and I can't wait to read the next one. My sister is reading The Trait now - she likes it as much as I did. Thanks for the entertainment over the holiday."
~ L. F.

Well, L.F., thank you for the feedback. I'm SO GLAD you enjoyed it.



"Mom, mom! There's a mistake in your book!"

This is what my daughter said to me about an hour after I opened the first box of my books.

At first, I was sick about it. I knew there would be a few errors in the first edition. There are errors in every first edition printed. When you are dealing with multiple edits and 85,000 words, its impossible to achieve perfection. So, I revert back to what my editor told me. "Some people might complain if they see any typos, and it's always great to have as professional a book as possible, but every book on the market has missed punctuation corrections and/or typos. When I worked in-house for a publisher, we went through from 3 to 6 proofs and there'd still be typos or missed proofing items. That's just how it works."

So, that's just how it works. Even though my book was professionally edited three times, there are a few errors. When we reprint THE TRAIT, the small errors will be corrected and then, I'll be so happy and hopefully my daughter won't have anything to say when she's reading it.




I love this word. I use it quite a bit, not so much in my writing but when I speak. Out of habit, I looked up the definition ... it's kind of anticlimatic but I'm giddy, so who cares, right?


adjective, -di·er, -di·est, verb, -died, -dy·ing. –adjective
1. affected with vertigo; dizzy.
2. attended with or causing dizziness: a giddy climb.
3. frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty: a giddy young person.

Yes, I'm a giddy young person. I'm lighthearted, almost dizzy. Why? Because my printer has a bound book in hand!!!



Second to writing ...


Very few things thrill me more than taking a concept, usually scribbled on the first paper-like item I can get my hands on, and giving it a graphic life.

I was going to go into a drawn-out explanation about my love for graphic arts, but I think it will be more fitting for me to simply say that
I miss the scrapbooking industry . . . a lot.