"Mom, mom! There's a mistake in your book!"

This is what my daughter said to me about an hour after I opened the first box of my books.

At first, I was sick about it. I knew there would be a few errors in the first edition. There are errors in every first edition printed. When you are dealing with multiple edits and 85,000 words, its impossible to achieve perfection. So, I revert back to what my editor told me. "Some people might complain if they see any typos, and it's always great to have as professional a book as possible, but every book on the market has missed punctuation corrections and/or typos. When I worked in-house for a publisher, we went through from 3 to 6 proofs and there'd still be typos or missed proofing items. That's just how it works."

So, that's just how it works. Even though my book was professionally edited three times, there are a few errors. When we reprint THE TRAIT, the small errors will be corrected and then, I'll be so happy and hopefully my daughter won't have anything to say when she's reading it.