I laughed out loud so hard tonight.

While I was reviewing my edit, which is moments away from being FINISHED, I ran across this, my most favorite line of edit from my editor ever:

"Unless they are toasting with pewter beer tankards, I would say 'clinked.'"

Isn't that the best?



Two words ...


Sorry, that's all I've got time for.




You know those vinyl clings that are so popular right now? You can stick them on the walls of your house, your car window, dishes, frames, just about anything. Well, I just ordered one that says SIMPLIFY.

I can't wait until I can become a minimalist. I just want to write. I have been trying to finish book two of the 4CRs series for about three months now, but there is constantly something else to do; websites, business cards, t-shirts, dust jackets, edits, promo material. I am not complaining -- what is going on in my life is a dream come true for me. So many good things are happening and I've been incredibly busy. Busy is good, but so is simplicity. OR even better would be a nice even keel of both, a little bit of busy with a simplistic undertone. Wouldn't that be heavenly?

It is coming, the day when I can focus on nothing but my stories. It's a good thing that my daughter pushes me to write. She is obsessed with Aidan, the hero in the 4CRs. I wonder if it's healthy for her to love the characters of my books. I guess it's better than a real-life junior high romance, yes?

On to more work. The websites are near completion. They were much more involved than I/we thought they'd be, but I am proud of them, nonetheless.

Here's to future with simplistic balance for all.