You know those vinyl clings that are so popular right now? You can stick them on the walls of your house, your car window, dishes, frames, just about anything. Well, I just ordered one that says SIMPLIFY.

I can't wait until I can become a minimalist. I just want to write. I have been trying to finish book two of the 4CRs series for about three months now, but there is constantly something else to do; websites, business cards, t-shirts, dust jackets, edits, promo material. I am not complaining -- what is going on in my life is a dream come true for me. So many good things are happening and I've been incredibly busy. Busy is good, but so is simplicity. OR even better would be a nice even keel of both, a little bit of busy with a simplistic undertone. Wouldn't that be heavenly?

It is coming, the day when I can focus on nothing but my stories. It's a good thing that my daughter pushes me to write. She is obsessed with Aidan, the hero in the 4CRs. I wonder if it's healthy for her to love the characters of my books. I guess it's better than a real-life junior high romance, yes?

On to more work. The websites are near completion. They were much more involved than I/we thought they'd be, but I am proud of them, nonetheless.

Here's to future with simplistic balance for all.