Hello, is anybody there?

Whew, it's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since. I finished book three of The Keepers series, ROUNDABOUT. Oh how I LOVE TO PROOFREAD. No, I am completely serious. I love to go back after I have finished a novel and read what I have written. It is the most therapeutic, rewarding thing I get to do in my life.

Surprisingly, the end of this series didn't contain as much death and destruction as I had initially planned. Porter, Meagan and Deacon all end up in relatively good "ever afters" and I know I will miss being a part of their lives on a daily basis.

AND I can't forget to mention that we just got back from a week of magic, happy tunes and pixie dust compliments of Disneyland. Good times. I now need a vacation from the vacation. I am planning to take a few weeks off while I decide on my next project. I've got two series outlined and ready to start. I just need to figure out if I have the backbone to write a ghost story.
Until I decide ... forever thinking happy thoughts and smiling as a review my work.