The Trait ...

is done. Wow, book #8 and I am just getting started. THE TRAIT is like nothing I've written before. It is a romantic-ish fantasy book geared towards young adults, so it's clean ... clean enough for my 14 year old to read, no less. I have to say I completely enjoyed working within a different genre and I am so proud of this novel. I envision in my mind the characters all day long, as if they are friends or members of my family. I have completed the outline for book #2 of this series, and can't wait for school to start so I can start writing again, with NO GUILT! I also need a new keyboard ... desperately! The right shift button doesn't work, nor does the X, C or V. Note to self, soda pop and keyboards do not mix.

So, here's to Brynn and Creed. May they find all the happiness they could ever ask for in book #2.