I see gifted people.

I've met some very talented people in my time. For example, let me introduce you to Amy. She is a published crafter and scrapbooker, she has had recipes featured on TV shows, and she has an awesome blog. (And that's just her professional side.) I visit her blog daily in hopes to be inspired, to see photos of her adorable family, and for the recipes she posts.

Amy will be doing giveaways on her blog now and then. Her giveaway right now is a Freshman Kit; my book and a t-shirt. She offered a fantastic review of the book, my favorite line being, " It's not an 'in-your-face' saucy romance novel, but more like real life love story with intriguing super powers!"

On a {humble} side note, I have to say that writing realistic fantasy is one of my strongest qualities as a writer. In fact, my editor and I went back and forth a few times over THE TRAIT because she was struggling to "stretch her ability to suspend her disbelief." In other words, it needed a little less realism and a little more fantasy. The realistic part, thinking Could this really happen?, is something I enjoy controlling within my stories.

Sorry, rambling. So, be sure to follow Amy's blog and don't miss her Fabulous Foods Fridays. They are phenomenal.


Ps: I have been toying with the notion of jumping genres into paranormal romance, but after watching "The Sixth Sense", and having to do so with the volume muted and a blanket over my head, I am pretty sure that the outline for a ghost story won't cross my desk anytime soon.


Goodness popping up all around me.

My books are starting to pop-up in stores everywhere! In my home state, you can find it in Park City, Salt Lake City, Draper, Payson, and my hometown of Spanish Fork.



Let's do another TOP 5, shall we?


#5 - Commercials, let's say merchandising, like this and this and this.

#4 - the Thesaurus, i.e. glossary, index, word list.

#3 - Blogs. A few of the blogs I visit often; 1, 2, 3, 4.

#2 - Family and friends. Dinner out, a phone call or a message from a brother-in-law reminding me of the love and support I have inspires me to keep writing.

#1 - Music, of course. Like this and this and this and this and this.

Where do you find your inspiration?



So far, so good.

2011 is going to be a big year for me ... I can feel it. Today I tasted a little bit of what's in store as I received some phenomenal news about my book from my publisher. As soon as I can I'll spill the beans, but until then ... here's to a big, phenomenal, tasty 2011 for all of us!