This is my first attempt at a book trailer. After a little bit of creative input from my son and my husband, I am actually kind of happy with it. Enjoy!



I'm back .....

Last night, at 1:08 am, I finished the first book in my most recent series, THE KEEPERS. Oh, how I love the characters in this book. Meagan, my protagonist, couldn't be sweeter and more helpless at the beginning of the story, and I have to say, I have enjoyed being able to grow her character quickly through the first installment. Deacon, bad boy hero #1, and Porter, good boy hero #2, both care deeply for Meagan. The story, although laden with strong fantasy/sci-fi tones and content, centers around Meagan and the relationship she has with both of these men. The outcome for the series, a.k.a. who Meagan chooses in the end, still has me bothered, as I love so much both of my heroes. The antagonist, Proxy, is the only character I don't care for, of course, as he keeps me up at nights wondering if what I write about him in my books could actually happen in real life.

Taking a small break before I start book two. The last series I wrote, THE ARC, I started with a strong outline of the complete story, and I found that I wasn't so desperate to go from one episode to the next. I knew what was going to happen, and I didn't feel the pressure to keep writing to avoid losing my "story line" like I did in THE TRAIT series. The outline for THE KEEPERS is the most detailed yet, so I am sitting pretty for a week or so off. YES! Maybe I'll read, maybe I'll clean, or nap or get a manicure or do some laundry. My thrilling choices are endless.