Cori and Micah ... I will see you soon.

THE ARC III - THE RECKONING is complete. Aside from book #2 of THE TRAIT series, this was the hardest book I have written, hard in the sense that it was research intensive and extremely complex. I am sure my heroine Cori and her hero Micah would agree, and are just as elated for their happy ending as I am.

I really am going to take a break now. I have a stack of brand new books I can't wait to dive in to while my right wrist participates in a little physical therapy.

When play time is over, I am debating whether or not to start a new series. I have outlines for two new series and multiple single title romance adventures. Once I am caught up on my reading, I'll decide what I am in the mood to write next.

Hey, I sent out a few query letters, too.