Book two of four is ...

finished! THE PROMISE is going to be one of those books that is hard to put down. I compare it to the second movie of the original Star Wars trilogy, the Empire Strikes Back. That particular movie was informative and a bit sterile, but you have to watch it to be able to put the first parts and the last parts of the story together. THE PROMISE is exciting and chock-full of information which I feel takes away from the characters a bit. I am more in love with THE TRAIT just because I love getting to know new characters, but THE PROMISE could definitely stand on it's own, just like it's predecessor.

On to THE NATION! Can't wait to share what happens with Brynn and Creed ... it is going to be unbelievable! (A - don't get mad at me for what's about to happen ... It can't be helped!)



The Trait ...

is done. Wow, book #8 and I am just getting started. THE TRAIT is like nothing I've written before. It is a romantic-ish fantasy book geared towards young adults, so it's clean ... clean enough for my 14 year old to read, no less. I have to say I completely enjoyed working within a different genre and I am so proud of this novel. I envision in my mind the characters all day long, as if they are friends or members of my family. I have completed the outline for book #2 of this series, and can't wait for school to start so I can start writing again, with NO GUILT! I also need a new keyboard ... desperately! The right shift button doesn't work, nor does the X, C or V. Note to self, soda pop and keyboards do not mix.

So, here's to Brynn and Creed. May they find all the happiness they could ever ask for in book #2.



I had to do it ...

I had to, start a blog about my books, that is. I have written several romance novels and have outlines for many more. After recently quitting my "real" job as a graphic designer, I have decided to dedicate most of my time to writing. I love it.