Last night ...

at the LUW chapter meeting, I had the opportunity to listen to a fantastic speaker, Angela Eschler. An author and freelance editor, Angela shared with us her knowledge of marketing. She sent us, via e-mail, a fantastic packet of information including lists of websites to check out, books to read and podcasts to listen to. I found her information most helpful, and not only that ... she's incredibly inspiring!
I gained plenty of very important points from the meeting, but two topics that were exceptionally applicable to me stand out in my mind. One, she spoke of being patient. She spent a good deal of time on this and it was just the reminder I've been needing.
She also said that if you plan on writing in more than one genre, a pen name is good idea to consider. So, this back and forth, pen name/no pen name game I've been playing is now official over. I will use a pen name for my romance novels, my real name for my fantasy and if I ever get around to publishing my children's books, I will use yet another pen name for those books.

On a side note, my proofreader, who is also a Marketing expert, is very support and inspiring to me and I don't know what I'd do without her.


Because of this ...

BLOG i will call myself a writer until i am published.