Top 5 ...


#5 - This gross stuff. Ewe! And not for anything but a small flaw for one of my characters.

#4 - Tear gas. Also not good.

#3 - Names. <- My favorite website. I'm constantly looking for awesome names. (The name of the day today is Meztli. Huh?) Sadly, naming characters is a struggle at this point in my writing career. With 21 novels, 1.8 millions words and hundreds of characters notched on my writing stick, it was only a matter of time before naming a secondary character, let alone a hero or his leading lady, would become a serious struggle.

#2 - Fight strap. Yes, this one was a personal inquiry. I heard a sport's commentator talk about this and I had no idea it even existed.

#1 - Hacker. What initially comes to mind is computer hacking, right? Been there, done that. This is actually a pretty complex noun. It can refer to a hobbyist, an anti-authoritarian, a cracker, a person without skill, exploitation, or a name-brand beer, just to name a few. Can you guess which reference I'm playing with right now?

Sending a huge, resounding shout-out to the internet. Like the trials of the pioneers and what they went without, I think of writers who didn't have a keyboard or more importantly, the web. Ewe again! I don't think I could write realistic fantasy without being able to perform research. After all, research is one of my many emotional compensations for writing.



Something fun.

One of the perks of publishing with a smaller firm is that I'm able to be heavily involved with the marketing materials created for my books. For those of you that know me know that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of stuff. So to turn one of my more fun ideas over to my teenage son was difficult at first--until I saw the direction he was taking it. I love it! He is truly a gifted graphic artist. I can't wait to post the finished cartoon.

Here's a teaser. Enjoy!



My publisher is exhibiting at the What a Woman Wants Show, April 8th and 9th at the South Towne Exposition Center. They are looking to acquire aspiring author leads, promote upcoming titles and ... they are featuring my book!

They've asked me to do a couple of book signings during the show. I will let you know when and where soon.
Exciting! Hope to see you there.


Ps: I'll receive a few free entrance tickets to the expo. If you want one, e-mail me at


An Ode to Thomas Newman.

Oh Thomas,

my heart's joy,


yet stirring my soul.


less than zero,

but a real

American beauty.

Enters the melody,

a snowy flower

within a morning mist –

and leaves behind,



and the gift of

audible splendor.


story teller,





whimsical and





like pollen

that has traveled

beyond the trees,

and so,

freshly remembered

in a fitted suit.

My heart is filled

with the echoes of clouds,

phenomenal sounds of you.