Pass the sugar please.

Not everything about being a writer is good. My sleep habits are truly deplorable. Truly. My soda intake is out of control. OUT of CONTROL. And the worst habit created by my profession is a little problem I've affectionately named, the editing munchies.
Oh my. When I'm at this stage in the publishing process, you can't believe the amount of refined sugars, sodium, saturated fats, and non-vegetative items I put in my body. Just two days ago, I sent my husband to the store, after ten pm, for orange circle peanuts, Sixlets, and Whoppers. And tonight, I made these Monkey Muffins that were doused in sweet and condensed milk. I wanted to undress and swim in the milk with these tasty little bubbling bites of heaven. Okay, see? Who says that? This is a bad time for me right now, a very bad time.

On a more positive, less-sugary side note, I've had a lot of my readership ask me about the release date for THE PROMISE. I was expecting by now to have a date, but the final edit of this book has taken a little bit longer than I anticipated. Everything takes longer than I anticipate it will. Maybe by book number three I'll have figured this out, yes?
Another HUGE perk of publishing with a small firm - you can learn from past experiences and make changes to the process. The first book I published, I was rushed. I vowed I'd never do that again, and my publisher is all about progression. I love them for that! Having said that, I'm putting my heart and soul into the final copy-edit of THE PROMISE. I know it can't/won't be perfect, but I'm determined to make it so very close.
So to my dear fans, I promise that it won't be too much longer before THE PROMISE will be ready for your reading pleasure. The changes my editor and I have made are so good--good like ketchup chips good! I'm pretty sure the wait will be worth it.

Here's to a sweet (<-WORD of the WEEK) end of the month!