A Room Without Windows


When privileged, beautiful, sixteen year old Aniston Tate is arrested for stabbing her prom date, the only life she knows is turned upside. Sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime, Aniston is thrown into a world of abuse, betrayal and pain. She relocates to Apex—an alternative prisoner program for first time youth offenders—and is tested both physically and intellectually on a daily basis.
She meets and falls hard for fellow convict Clayton Massey, and just when she seems to have a handle on life behind bars, she finds herself the object of twisted desire of the program’s director, Dr. Long. Over time, the real objective of the program comes out—a breakthrough medical venture that proves dangerous to all involved—and Aniston’s ethics are tried against her obligation to Dr. Long and his program. In the fight of her life, Aniston’s true test comes from finding the strength to keep her spirit and heart intact while working The Apex Objective.

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