PPWC - part 1.

I've returned from Colorado Springs, unpacked, recuperated and taken the time to go through my paperwork from the conference. I went there not knowing what to expect and left feeling inspired, smarter and most importantly -- READY TO WRITE!
The first day, I was overwhelmed. This feeling diminished as I began talking to people, listening in on sessions and comparing my writing journey to the journeys of others. One of the most important lessons I learned while at PPWC is that I can play with other writers. I have completed many novels, they are good and I will sell them. I have had more success in the few short months of truly "shopping" my work around than some have had in the years ... YEARS they have pursued publication. I left with the resound resolution that I will never give up and I will never stop writing.

This is Margaret. I had the pleasure of sitting right next to her during dinner Saturday evening. She is an amazing woman with an incredible personal history. She is smart and witty, and I will never forget what she said during our "Monkey Business" session about the "F-word". I am glad I got to know her.
I also got to talk with Ginger Clark (Agent), Shelly Shapiro!!! (Editor) and Kevan Lyon (Agent). I had my work read by Leslie Wainger (Editor), I had lunch with Laura Hayden (Author) and I listened to A.C. Crispin (Author), Jeffrey Deaver (Author) and Laura Resnick (Author) speak. I sat through two incredible and semi-spooky sessions with Deborah LeBlanc (Author), and I pitched to Kirby Kim (Agent). I met so many great people ... I will tell more about them in part 2.