Rebecca Shelley - LUW April meeting recap ...

Last night at our monthly league meeting, I had the pleasure of listening to and learning from a fantastic author, Rebecca Shelley. She is the author of the Red Dragon Codex and the Brass Dragon Codex, both books, "Super awesome!" in the eyes of my children.

I was excited to pick up autographed copies of both novels, but even more excited about the extensive knowledge, advice and encouragement I received from Rebecca's speech.
Rebecca spoke to us about Researching and Submitting to the National Market. The tips, tricks and avenues she talked about did two things for me; one, I will submit all my queries via e-mail, and in batches. She offered a template that she uses with a really good success rate, and as soon as I return from CO, I will begin to implement a similar query process. She also alleviated my doubts of submitting solely to agents and avoiding editors. Aside from Thrillers, a genre which I haven't written in nor do I plan to ever attempt to break in to, editors in most other genres don't always require an agent to receive and review a submission.
So there you have it. It was an awesome meeting ... I left feeling completely inspired and I thank Rebecca immensely for her encouraging words and most valuable lessons.

Now, on to the BIG writer's conference. I am so excited! I don't know how much sleep I will get tonight, but my flight takes off early, so I am off to bed.


P.S. On a funny side note, I got to read a pretty graphic (Yes, even graphic for me!) short story from a fellow leaguer, one that made me blush ... I think I was taken off guard when he unexpectedly handed it to me for review, and when he stood to read it during open mic ... I blushed again!