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I just finished my first "Ask the Author" event and I'm ecstatic with how it went down. Such a great time with many (67 at one point) new friends. Thank you again to all that showed up. I can't wait to do it again! (The next one is scheduled for March 13th, FYI.)

I've copied and pasted the transcript from some of my favorite questions. Just so you are aware, there are **SPOILERS** ahead.

Hi Kristin. I’m a huge fan of your work. I’m currently about halfway through The Nation. I’m having a hard time putting it down. My question: how much of yourself did you put into Brynn? I know many authors see themselves as the female lead in their books. K******

Hi K******. Thank you! I’m so glad you are enjoying the series. To answer your question … When I wrote The Trait (years ago), I did put quite a bit of myself into Brynn. During my writing process, that happens a lot for me. But since then, I’ve written 4 more series. Now, I see more of my teenage daughter in Brynn. Thank you again for being a fan and for joining today. Kristin

Along the same lines as Kaitlyn’s question, your books have a lot of medical terminology and references. Do you have a background in healthcare? S**

Hi S**. Yes, I do. I worked in the business/office side of healthcare for over 10 years. I wanted to go into patient care (nursing or preMed) when I started college, but I quickly learned that I don’t like blood or pain or tears. Thanks for joining today! Kristin

Kristin, I’m C********. I love the Trait books! I especially love how both Brynn and Creed have changed over the course of the series. In the first book, I admit I didn’t care for Brynn’s behavior at times. How did you plan that transformation out from book 1 through book 4?

Hi C********. Thank you for joining today. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the series. To answer your question … As I think back on it, the transformation with Brynn came quite naturally. As the story intensified and progressed, she matured, per say. At the beginning of the story, when she was dealing with the bad decision she had made with Chandler, she was reclusive. She was quiet, and she built a strong wall around her heart. This behavior limited her ability to grow and learn from life experience. By the time she lets herself accept her relationship with Creed, she had experienced a lot. That life experience, and all the experiences she had with Creed, helped them both mature and grow up, similarly to how it happens for most of us. It was a wild ride with Brynn, wasn’t it? She kept things moving and shaking, once she found her voice and let the wall around her heart crumble. Again, thank you for joining today and keep reading! Kristin

I feel really bad for Chandler. Please tell me you have good things in store for him. G***

Hi G***. I won’t spoil the story for you but to answer your question … yes! Good things happen for Chandler because all-in-all, he’s a really great guy. He’s just persistent and comes off as pest, at first. Thank you for joining today. Kristin

Hi Kristin. I’m also a fan of your writings. I’ve fallen in love with Creed. He’s witty. In chapter 6, he makes a comment that is my favorite. “Vampires are stupid.” I can’t help but to ask, is this a dig at those popular “vampire” books? LOL V*****

Hi V****. I’m laughing right now, too. To answer your question … a little bit. Blush. When I wrote the series, those popular vampire books were all the rage. Admittedly, I haven’t read them but I made my cute husband by me the movies on DVD for Christmas last year. So, let’s call it a subliminal “nod of acknowledgement” to Edward on Creed’s behalf, yes? After all, that story-line is truly amazing. Thanks for joining today and for the laugh! Kristin

Hi Kristin. I’m B*****. I found your cancer blog through your book blog and I've read it and follow it. Kudos for keeping a smile on your face through treatment. I noticed when reading The Trait that Brynn’s grandma passed away from cancer. How were you able to write such a storyline having cancer yourself, and did you find it hard to do? Sincerely, B*****.

Hi B*****. Thank you for joining today and for your meaningful thoughts. To answer your question … When I wrote The Trait series, I didn’t have cancer. I was diagnosed late in 2013, and had published all four Trait novels beforehand. Admittedly, I read the parts of the books that mention cancer and I feel okay about them. I have a thousand times the knowledge about cancer now verses the time I wrote about it, and I do wonder now if it would've been advantageous to have chosen a different terminal illness to give June instead of the cancer. Regardless, it is what it is, and I’m proud of Brynn for caring for her grandmother the way she did. Brynn’s examples of strength, loyalty, and personal sacrifice are traits I aspire to have. Again, thank you for your thoughtful words. Kristin

Hi Kristin. I know you have written lots of books. Do you ever cross reference The Trait in other novels or vice versa? T*******

Hi T******. Thank you for joining today. To answer your question … admittedly, I do. It’s a fun little “game” I regularly play, and I know I’m not the only writer to engage in such fun. One particular cross-reference I can think of off the top of my head … in the Keepers, the protagonist is talking about the movie she had just seen with her cousin. And I quote:
“I like the part when the guy pee’d on the carpet and it set the fire alarm off. Classic,” Dane stated with a boyish grin.
“You would like the gross part,” Meagan teased. She and Dane, cousins turned friends, discussed their next adventure together as they slowly strolled down the street.

End quote. So as you can see, I like to subliminally mess around. It’s one of the many joys I find in writing. Thanks again for joining today and for the question. Keep reading! Kristin

Today is one of those days that make me truly LOVE what I do.