WORD of the WEEK #2

The WORD of the WEEK is ................. IBUPROFEN.
(Pronounced correctly "EYE-bew-PROH-fan".)

Halfhearted fist bump inserted here.

This is a good one for me right now. I've taken enough Ibuprofen this week that McNeil should give me stock in the stuff. What for, you ask? For this. Or it could be this. Whatever it is, my right wrist is swollen, partially paralyzed and feels like it's on fire. Okay, maybe it's not that bad thanks to my over-the-counter, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory, relatively inexpensive medication. Plus, "In some studies, ibuprofen showed superior results compared to a placebo in the prophylaxis of Alzheimer's disease when given in low doses over a long time. Further studies are needed to confirm the results before ibuprofen can be recommended for this indication." So, along with the pain relief I receive from popping these little red-coated drops of happiness, I've got a little bit of Alzheimer's prevention going on as well.

I love you Ibuprofen. Really I do.