Head back, face forward, and hang on!

It's getting close. The release of THE PROMISE is getting so close. I can't wait to open that first box of freshly printed books and thumb through a copy.

Some of the the fun things I've been working on:

~ Dust jacket
~ Front matter, back matter, and everything in between including end papers, title page, and one of the hardest things I've had to do the second time around, the dedication page.
~ Pagination. WORD of the WEEK. This one isn't my favorite, but I'm getting better at. Just kidding. Pray for me, please.
~ Blurbs for THE PROMISE
~ Media kits for The Trait series - THANK YOU AA for your help with this!
~ AND ... I'm 43,000 words into my newest novel, A ROOM WITHOUT WINDOWS, volume one of The Apex series.

I'm so grateful for the amazing people I work with and for my friends, family and colleagues that support me. The publishing process is very much like a roller-coaster ride. I edit and edit (the climb up that first hill), the book is released (the drop from the highest point), then comes the feedback, both good and bad, (the twists and turns), and finally I start working on the release of the next book (the slowdown and eventual stop).
One thing that I was determined to do differently with this book was to take my time with the final edit. I will never rush a copy-edit to meet a deadline again - I don't have to. In hindsight, I've decided that its better to push the release date back then to rush to print.

So, there you have it. My busy, fun, goodness at a glance.

Here's a video clip of my favorite roller-coaster. Enjoy.