I am saying goodbye to my romance novels. I am not throwing them away, of course. I am putting them in my personal vault. Through this journey of publication, I've come to the realization that my first seven novels will more than likely never see the light of ... print. And I'm okay with it. At first, I felt like I was betraying myself for removing them from my writing catalog. After months of back and forth, I'm now content with my decision.

So, as I say good-bye to those characters in my first seven novels; Leslie and Aaron, Molly, Jack and Christian, Tatum and Gideon, Morgan, Chase and Graham, Paisley and Wren, Mersadies and Colby, Evan, Nic and Tori, I want you to know that I wouldn't be the writer that I am today without you. I will never forget that the place I started is a big part of where I am going.